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Alessandro Borghese opens up his kitchen doors AB – Il lusso della semplicità”.

In Milano, “Alessandro Borghese – il lusso della semplicità” – Via Belisario – number 3.

Lunch –  Business Lunch – Menu Kids  – Dinner – Cocktail

For reservation:
Tel: +39.02.84040993

Alessandro Borghese forerunner of Italy’s success in food, Chef of international fame, talented and creative, experienced, capable of joining cuisine with television entertainment through his programs that collect fabulous ratings, to consultancies as creative Chef for Italian and international companies.

The restaurant was in my mind since a long time. I had to do it. For my many sustainers and guests who during these years, have enjoyed my cuisine during our private and public receptions. I had to open the kitchen of “AB – il lusso della semplicità” to everybody.

And he really did it!” in the heart of Milano’s City Life, with a huge and marvelous open plan kitchen.

I wanted the kitchen to be Italian, designed in collaboration with Berto’s, the Inox&Inox stainless steels, Coldline and Termofrigo for managing cold. I chose the ovens of Unox for their modern technology and reliability, Rega Impianti for the suction efficiency and ventilation.

The idea comes from the Chef’s will of being transparent, in processing the ingredients behind the long tinted glass window, to convey the authenticity of his personality that has always characterized him. So that his guests can savor his creations first with their eyes and then enjoy its tastes.

The renewal project of AB Normal – Eatertainment Company, Alessandro Borghese’s company, which deals with Catering and Entertainment, is based on the idea of using the higher amount of elements that distinguish him and combining them in order to create a location in line with his activities and his creativity: outcome of the research and development study of design of the internal offices with the architect Alfredo Canelli together with architect Giovanni Antonelli of Well Made Factory.

A functional space to join in one operational base: the Banqueting & Catering division, the lab for “Pasta Fresca – il lusso della semplicità” (home made fresh pasta) and the offices of Food Consulting and Designing. A place where study, passion, talent and professionality transform themselves from projects into pleasure.
The entrance door is characterized by iron illuminated by the light of Buzzi&Buzzi, that matches with the thin golden thread that marks the path of the whole location along the Neolith floors and linings, the furnishings and the chairs UHS with an appropriate sense of proportion make the interior cozy and comfortable.

The imposing wooden wall sculpture, envelops the stairs that lead to the spacious “Art deco” internal Hall facing on the flowing of Milano, always in movement, that with its enormous windows illuminate with natural light the tables of the restaurant.

Disjoint just by geometrical rectangles characterized by gentile lines with a marked disposition of brass links, there is the lively but relaxed atmosphere of the Lounge of the Cocktail Bar.
Guided by the music of the DJ Set and by the originality of the Barman, at the Bistro drinks are combined with very appetizing tapas and savory and crunchy fries. Not far, a green wall with an antique look, wraps the offices of the company and the multifunctional hall, furnished by Veneta Cucine: cooking classes for adults and children, private dinners, and location for Business in the Kitchen, for the culinary team buildings and private ones.

Cooking is an act of love, I want to convey an emotion, I want to please who comes to my place, I want to make my guests happy