Cuochi d’Italia

Cuochi d’Italia, is the new TV programme where the regional cuisine becomes protagonist.

The Chef Alessandro Borghese will guide the challenge: 20 traditional chefs will compete by cooking different typical dishes for winning the title of Best Regional Chef of Italy.
During each episode, Chef Borghese will follow the competitors step by step during each try instead the Chefs Gennaro Esposito e Cristiano Tomei will be evaluating, from a scale of 1 to 10, the dishes prepared from the participants.

The chefs that will compete will have a lot of occasions to show all their abilities. They will use all their knowledge on their typical cuisine from their region and also use all their creativity reinterpreting traditional recipes, by using particular ingredients, challenging the small amount of time and comparing the preparation of culinary culture dishes from the regions of Italy.

The finalists that will arrive to the final will need to be able to amaze the judges and demonstrate to be the “Best Regional Italian Chef”.

Official hashtag of the programme: #CuochidItalia