Kitchen Shuffle cop

You know I’m a chef who loves all the music; I match a good piece of music with one of my dishes! In my playlists you can find hardcore, jazz, more classical ballads and blues. Then there is rock.

I feel closer to the rock, it invades you and perhaps someone, like me, also kidnaps the soul and makes it his own.

Rock is a way of being, either you have it or you do not have it; it is not enough just to listen to rock music, get a tattoo, take a guitar and speed up four famous notes to be.

You are rock when you’re up to eleven, as they say the guitarists, that is beyond the typical control of the volume knobs, beyond the maximum, you have Zakk Wylde present? Here, I believe this represents me better, to go further without ever losing control of what I love.

This section of my website is dedicated to those who create music and sometimes … “eat it”. There are some of my favourites tracks… then there are your videos and those of your bands, a showcase dedicated to those who want to be heard, to those who can take the music, own it and … enjoy it!

Manda i tuoi video musicali a questa e-mail:
It’s only Rock’n’Roll… but I like It! ;-)))

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